Warts and All – SCREAM QUEENS Ep. 2 Recap

We open on a scene of a murder being cleaned up and a police officer talking to Chanel No.5. The officer tells her she is the main suspect and No.5 does what she does best and rants on and on, all whilst crying. Woe me. Although in this case she’s just seen a lady’s head get cut off, so we’ll let her off this time. I guess.


The patient this week is a guy covered from head to toe in warts. Last week was hair, this week was warts, what’ll be next week Scream Queens, (insert problem that someone can be covered in).

After the murder of the Werewolf chick, Zayday is suspicious of Dr. Munch, questioning her true reasoning for the girls being invited to work at the hospital. Could Dr. Munch just be out for revenge, and in Zayday’s words “tying up and loose ends” from the Red Devil murders? Zayday works with Chamberlain (cheerful hospital guy) down in the archives room. Chamberlain is sus now. He was the one to find No.5 in the bath tub, and No.5 had told him to come and check on them. Surely he would’ve heard screaming?

Chanel and Dr. Holt go out on a date at the movies. He puts his arm around her and his EVIL hand grabs her boob. Not only did that hand probably belong to a killer, but damn, he was a smooth criminal.


Wart guy shows No.5 a picture of himself from before the warts and turns out Wart guy is actually hot. Like really hot. Like really really-Okay, you get the point. Thus, setting out No.5’s plan to raise money for a laser so that Wart guy (Tyler), can be wart-free and live happily ever after. The other Chanel’s tell her that her fundraiser video pretty much sucks, and that the only way Tyler will date her once he’s cured, is if she starts dating him while he’s all…Warty. She’s clearly the groups DUFF.

Chad Radwell is back, but reveals himself in a strange way; dressed as the Red Devil. This could totally be hinting at something for the future, or he’s just really dumb. Yeah, probably the second one. The show just wouldn’t have been the same without him though, but let’s face it, nothing was better than the Chad and Boone bromance. RIP Boone.


Potentially the best part of the episode is seeing Chad in the shower, where he tells Dr. Holt that Chanel is his. Chad challenges him to a game of squash, where the winner gets Chanel. Nothing better than a competition to win a girl. *SARCASM ALERT* Chad gets dirt on Dr. Holt. The hand that we have all been wondering so much about belonged to that of champion squash player Marshall Winthrop, but that’s not all. Winthrop was a serial killer! Called it.


It’s Nov 1st 1986, we’re taken back to the night of the first scene from Ep. 1, when all the hospital staff were murdered by the Green Devil. We get the idea that the devil has come back from the swamp, or someone took the costume, either way, nobody from the hospital could have survived. SURELY!  There is seriously something off about that swamp. Especially seeing as the Green Devil leaves a trail of green slime.
A visit to Hester in prison reveals her knowledge about the attacks 30 years ago. Girl knows too much…

Nurse Hoffel is still suspicious, wanting to know the Chanel’s whereabouts at all times and listening in on a conversation about Dr. Munch’s illness. What are you up to Hoffel!?


Dr. Munch nearly gets killed by the Green Devil, but because she’s a strong independent woman, oh and a main character, she knocks him down and has a chance to take the mask off. But instead, the hottest couple since Brangelina, No.3 and Dr. Cascade walk in. Oooh, too soon? The Green Devil is gone before Munch can reveal who they are. Convenient. This means that either Cascade is teaming up with someone else or that he isn’t in fact the Green Devil as first predicted.

Chanel No. 5 wins Tyler’s heart, and Chad pays for his wart-removing surgery, so all is well. The End. UNTIL!  As they head to the operating room, the Chanel’s casually talk about how their doctor boyfriend’s are having a handsome competition, but then find Tyler sliced on the table. Green Devil has killed him and Chanel No.5 loses another boyfriend. Forever alone. Seriously, is no one watching this hospital and its patients?


And there you have it kids, a whole lot of suspicious characters, but who can we trust?

This week’s prediction as to who the killer is: Dr Holt.

We didn’t see as much of Dr. Cascade this time around, but maybe the rivalry between Holt and Chad is just a distraction. Maybe Chad’s back for a reason and they’re working together…Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Keep up to date with next week’s episode of Scream Queens by reading our recaps! Obvi.

Scream Queens 2016, tv series, USA, Prospect films, directed by Brad Falchuk
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