Scream Again – SCREAM QUEENS Ep. 1 Recap

Episode 1: Scream Again

Scream Queens is back bitches!

AAAAAnnnd there’s another pregnant chick. It’s a flashback to Halloween in 1985, where a pregnant woman’s husband dies in a nearby hospital. A man in a green devil costume and black wigged lady dispose of the body in a swamp, so could this mean another evil baby out to avenge their father’s death?


It’s good to see this season takes the same format as the last, but with a different scenario. Like any first episode, this episode pretty much just introduces us to the new characters and lets us know where the old ones are at. 6 months after the events of Season 1, we’re then introduced to Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Taylor Lautner) and Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos), and there is something just a little bit sus about these two.

Dr. Holt reveals that his hand is not his own. He received a transplant after an unfortunate incident with an InSinkErator, the guy could’ve really used a hand…G…Get it? His hand has a mind of its own and this is revealed early on. Chanel works with Dr. Holt and his hand places itself around her neck, but he quickly realises it’s there and moves it away. Could this hand have belonged to a serial killer, or is he in fact the killer?


Dr. Casade and Chanel no. 3 are soul mates, we know that. I bet Taylor Lautner never thought he’d get to feel like Edward Cullen, but would you look at that! His character has skin as cold as ice. How do you like me now Bella?

You know who else is sus and totally hates the Chanel’s? Dr. Ingrid Hoffel, or I. M. Hoffel. And she really is. She’s got something to hide, so I’d be keeping an eye out for these untrustworthy doctors.

So, who is in charge of this hospital? Dean Munch, or should I say Dr. Munch.

Her plan for the CURE Institute hospital is to cure the incurable. Their first patient, a woman covered head to toe in hair, but we’ll just call her Werewolf. Dr. Munch offers Zayday to come and work at her hospital as part of her residency for her medical course. When Zayday suggests that the place needs a more female presence, Dr Munch has an idea.

In come the Chanel’s as bitchy as ever, working their part time jobs; Chanel as phlebotomist, Chanel no. 3 as a cleaner for a sperm donor’s office and Chanel no. 5, a receptionist at a dentist.


After a documentary of them was released on Netflix they have become a laughing stock, no longer accepted by their rich families and the public. In some footage taken from the doco, we also get to see good old Hester confessing her crimes and taken to jail, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last we see of her. With their little experience working at clinics, Dr. Munch offers the Chanel’s the opportunity to apply as medical students and work at her hospital. They accept and join the quest to figuring out what is causing Werewolf’s extreme hair growth.

The girls figure out how to help her, with the cure being a simple change of diet, much to the dismay of Zayday who is annoyed that Chanel has come in and shown her up.

But the episode is not over until somebody gets killed. Chanel no. 5 locks herself and Werewolf girl in bath tubs, with only their heads visible, and of course you know that’s not going to go well. In comes the Green Devil (real original, writers!) and decapitates the Werewolf’s head. Gross, but we all saw it coming.


End episode.

This week’s prediction as to who the killer is: Dr Cassidy Cascade.

Why? If the Green Devil does in fact turn out to be the pregnant lady’s baby than this means that they would need to be 31. Whether the show sticks to the actual age, if this theory turns out to be true, then we need to keep an eye out for someone that fits this age.

It is completely possible that we haven’t even met the killer yet. And where’s Grace huh? Stay tuned for the next recap of Scream Queens Season 2, and don’t trust anyone wearing green.

Scream Queens 2016, tv series, USA, Prospect films, directed by Brad Falchuk
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